Harald och Goryana vilar i utställningsburen

Goryana och Orvar (Bjaro's McQueen) har en sov stund tillsammans

Kärleks paret ligger och myser



Litter 4

"The Disney litter"


Sally and grandpa Harald

Mother Jasmine is under attack from the "terrorist" McQueen

McQueen, Mad Hatter and Bianca lies and rest between their playtimes

The mischievous brothers

The mischievous brothers

Sally and Bianca sleeps so sweet together









Litter 3

"The Tsar litter"

Aleksej lies and thinks peacefully

Nikolaj and Dmitrij are playing

I'll bite you, Nikolaj thinks

I'd better put my back in to my charge

Hey, what are you doing? You're sneking off! Come back!

Oh, I'm off. There is now one here that want's to play with me.

Hey you, says Dmitrij, you're not coming away so easily.

I'd better go and see what they are doing in the igloo, Aleksej thinks

Åh, they are playing....

Then I want to play to

Haa, come on you - Dmitrij says. Nikolaj has had enough

Here are all the four brothers playing in the igloo.

Food time

Cloese up on Nikolaj

Nikolaj in the cat tree

Aleksej is on his way up

More playing

Aleksejs closeup

Aleksej sees something in the bathrum that he becomes afraid off

Ahh, it's just Jasmine - she use to take me down, I'd better make myself big.



The hole family (second litter)



Harald Blåtand


Karl den store


Kung Beowulf


Håkan Röde


Mixes pictures

Silvia has had enough of taking pictures, the kittens is getting formula.

Kung Beowulf is lying and feeling cosy. Two "x-mas pigs" Karl den store and Harald Blåtand

You get tired of all the play, toilett traning for Harald Blåtand.

Can you eat the camera? Have to check! What a fun toy.

Taste good, but the bell is annoying

Mayby I can eat it....? Wrestling time at the food court

Give me five (paws)! Tull - I got you.... soon.

They have told me that is good to read a lot. Have to take a nap!

- Wolfie! Do you find anything to eat? wonders Harald Blåtand while Kung Beowulf searches on.

Harald Blåtand tries to feed on Silvia when she is eating. And Karl den store found a new way to feed on, lying on mom.

Have to try to eat the finger. Don't think that Gustav dosn't see - he sees every thing.

A moment with mother Silvia. Beowulf looks like a small rabbit!

Gustav is helping to get rid of x-mas. Beowulf look a bit crazy.

Beowulf waves! It's crowed at the milk bar, they are getting big now.

Gustav is playing Lucia, an early Lucia. Harald Blåtand washes Karl den stores ear.

Håkan Röde plays cheese doodels. Two brothers a sleep.

Harald Blåtand and Håkan Röde sleeps sweet. Then Harald has a cosy moment with Beowulf.

Karl den store jumps after the ball, Beowulf is ready. Hide and seek in the box.

The kittens was served boiled chickenwings for the first time and it became a favorite.

Kung Beowulf and Karl den store is tired after dinner, but then he has to play some more.

Time fore Håkan Röde to leave to his new home. And there was no problem to move in with Axel.

Harlad Blåtand poses at the window.

Handsome daddy Nikolaz. A real beauty!


The hole family (first litter)

Sometimes it's hard to take pictures when the objects are moving!

Valdemar is checking what's happening behind him. There was a funny noise from there...

Now also Gustav has heard the noise and has to check what it is.

Desireé has to check if there is something exciting outside the basket.

She involves Carl-Philip, he also has to have a peek.

Gustav, Desireé and Valdemar in the cat tree

Carl-Philip crawls in the play tunnel

Desirée and Carl-Philip are playing


Valdemar sits so nicely on the stol with his master

Gustav is chasing another kitten - "-Here I come.....!"

Carl-Philip our cosybear no 1

Time for checking the weight - everyone is gathering at the scale and the kittens has to control that I have put it in the book

Feeding time - it looks almost that the kittens are the same size as Silvia


Gustav chased Desirée up to the top of the cat tree, and there was only on way to go - through the curtins...

but sometimes it happens that you are on slippery grounds, so here is Desirée hanging and calling for help. As soon as I took the picture I helpt her down!