Siberian Cat

- standard according to FIFe (Fédération International Féline)

General: The Siberian cat is large. Female weighs about 3,5 - 5 kg and male weights about 6 - 10 kg.

Head: Massive and a little bit longer than broad. Forehead is to be broad and just slightly rounded. Cheekbones well developed and high set. The nose is broad and medium length. The profile shows a slight identations without stop. The chin slanting slightly backwards, in profile creating a curve from the upper line of the nose.

Ears: Medium size and well open at the base. Tips are rounded with a well developed hairs on the inside ant tufts.
Placement with good width between, tilting slightly forward.

Eyes: Large and slightly oval shaped. A bit oblique, set widely apart.
All colours are allowed, but green is preferable. Pure colour is desirable.

Body: The body shall in proportion create a rectangular apperance with a wll boned an muscled, broad chest and a powerful neck.

Legs: Medium high and forms a rectangle with the body. The paws are large, round and well tufted between toes.

Tail: Medium long with a rounded tip. Covered on all sides by dense hair with no hairs trailing down.

Coat: Very dense and a undercoat not lying flat. Over coat water repellent, slightly hard to touch.

Colour: All colurs are allowed with a unlimited amount of white, except patterns and the vareties chocolate, cinnamon, lilac, fawn.


Foto av RUS*Filimon Sibirsky Prestige

The informations is coming from SVERAK's presentation of Siberian Cats.
Read more on SVERAKs hompage.

The Sibiran cat is like Maine Coon and Norwegian Forrest cat a "domestic" race in the country, they come from, what people used to call country cats.
They are resistent to infections and has no hereditary defects.
At first site these three races loke a lot like each other, but how do you really see the differens between them?
Well, you can look at the shape of the cats head, Maine Coon shall give a square impression, Nowegian Forrest cat a pointed and the Siberian a round...

MCO: Maine Coon NFO: Norweigan Forrest Cat SIB:Siberian Cat

Taken from the Spanish cat magazine"El Gato del Monde".




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