One this site you will be able to see pictures of Valdemar.
What we can tell after 3 weeks is that he is a promising male.

When Valdemar is over 16 weeks he will start a long journey to his new homeland, New Zealand


1 week - 213 grams

3 weeks - 386 grams

5 weeks - 574 grams


7 weeks - 836 grams


9 weeks - 1 393 grams



12 weeks - 1970 grams

Has moved from Sweden to his new home in New Zealand and with the Simmons family.


Pictures down below from Kerry Simmons, New Zeeland

Here is Pepe in april 2007.

A couple days ago he arrived in New Zeeland

We all know that Siberians can sleep in very strange ways - and this is one way....
Pepe - this picture is taken in the middle of July 2007