Who are we?

We are an entirely normal family living in Sundsvall, Sweden, consisting of Roseanne, Daniella and André.

The reason for adding another familymember originally was due to my daughter Daniella's great interest in cats. During a period of time we tried a plethora of diffrent animals such as diffrent kinds of fish and birds.

But she wanted something to cuddle with. When a classmate of hers got a siberian cat and told us it was very allergy friendly, we decided to take the leap and try!

Before we knew it we visited Eva Gunnarsson, where Daniella got to cuddle with some cats, she didnt show any signs of allergic reaction neither there or at home.

We were hooked by the breed, amazing cats!

In conjunction with a cat show in Njurunda, outside of Sundsvall we got in contact with Monica Byström who's cat was having a litter.

When the kittens were born we chose Silvia (S*Kneph's Silver Fizz) a more wonderful cat is hard to find.

So on the 14th of January 2005 we had another member of our family, when silvia came home to us.

Roseanne Forslund

Daniella Forslund