Information about the siberian cat.

The siberian cat is large and has got a powerful build. The female weighs about 3,5-5kg and males weigh about 6-10kg

The siberian is like the Maine Coon and Norwegian forest cat a "native" breed in the country they originate from, what you used to call a "house cat".

They are resistant to infectional diseases and have no heriditary defects. On first glance these breeds are very much alike, but how can you tell them apart?

Well, simplified, you can say you look at the shape of the head. A Maine Coon should give a square impression, the Norwegian forest cat will give a pointed impression and the siberian will be rounded...


Massive and a bit longer than wide. With a round and wide forhead. Well defined and high cheekbones. The nose is wide and medium long. A slight indented profile, with no stop. The chin is slightly indented. The head should give a rounded impression.


Slightly forward leaning, medium sized, open in the base and round earnibs. Slightly forward tilted with good width between them.


Large and a bit oval, somewhat "crooked" and far apart. All colors of the iris is allowed but green is to be prefered, with a clean color to be wanted.


The body should give a square impression with a strong bones, wide chest and muscular neck.


Medium high and form a rectangle with the body. The paws are large and round with tassles between the toes.


Medium long with rounded tail-tip. Covered around with thick hairs that cant hang down.


Very thick fur that is not allowed to be slick to the body. The upper coat of fur is water resistant and feels somewhat hard to the touch.


All colors are allowed with an unlimited amount of white, except for wormed, cinnamon and purple.