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Clean Genealogy

What does Clean Genealogy mean?

In short, it means not mixing the two breeds Siberian cat and Neva Masquerade.

The Neva Masquerade is a sibling breed to the Siberian cat and we feel that they can stand on their own as a breed and do not need the Siberian breed to build up their breeding base anymore. We have been breeding Siberian cats since 2006 and have come to the realization in recent years that we must preserve the Siberian breed as it was originally. We have therefore chosen to change the direction of our breeding and now choose to breed NEM-free.

So what does it mean to breed NEM-free?

Well, this means that we do not mix the sibling breed NEM into the breeding animals that we have and the mating combinations that we do. The cats used in NEM-free breeding are classified in different groups (not the same as color groups). The females that we now use in our breeding are in group 2 and group 3.

Group 1-3

In Clean Genealogy, the cats are divided into different groups (group 1-3) depending on which NEMs are in the pedigrees and if there are CS carriers.

The only NEMs that are "approved" are Mars, Maks and Nyusya. These were born from accidental combinations of stray cats during the 1980s and 1990s. They are so-called Foundation cats, where the parents are unknown/unregistered.

The difference between these Foundation cats and other NEM is that humans did not deliberately breed them.

On this page, more information is collected,

ow to find out which group cats belong to is done by studying the pedigree, then not only the first 4 generations but as far back as you can go. Read more on

this page about how to proceed.

Group 1 =Cats without NEM and CS carriers in the pedigree

Group 2 =Cats completely without NEM, but there are CS carriers somewhere in the pedigree.

Group 3 =Cats with Mars, Maks, Nyusya in the pedigree.

Group 4 = Cats with other NEMs than Mars, Maks and Nyusya in the pedigree

Group 5 = Cats with several generations of NEM in the pedigree

Group 6 = Only NEM in the pedigree

In Clean Genealogy we only breed group 1-3