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Who are we?

We who run the breeding are Roseanne and Daniella Forslund, and we are located in Sundsvall.

The reason we got an additional family member is because of my daughter Daniella's great interest in cats. When we started looking for a cat, we discovered that Daniella is allergic to cats. For a while, we tried other animals, like fish and birds.

But she wanted something to cuddle with. When one of Daniella's classmates got a Siberian cat and told us that some allergy sufferers tolerate this cat, we thought - Let's try it! So, we went to visit Eva Gunnarsson, where Daniella could sniff and cuddle with all the cats. She showed no signs of allergies, neither there nor at home.

We became fascinated and completely captivated by the breed. What amazing cats!

During a cat show in Njurunda, we got in touch with Monica Byström, who had a litter of kittens on the way. When the kittens arrived, we chose Silvia (S*Kneph's Silver Fizz). You couldn't find a more wonderful cat.

So, on January 14, 2005, we had an addition to the family - that's when Silvia came home to us, and through her, we discovered a whole new world.


Pedigree Certificate

Cat Association SVERAK

Diplomated Breeder
within the Cat Association SVERAK

Certified Breeder
within the Cat Association SVERAK

Paw academy

Campus Felinarium


Breeding and Genetics -
Ulrika Olsson

The Cat's Behavior -
Susanne Hellman Holmström

Genetics -
Dagny Dickens

Ethology Course -
Kolmårdens Djurpark

Breeders 101 -
the Cat Association SVERAK

Basic Nutrition Science

- Jenni Pernklev Svensson och
Anna Friberg

Cat sex -
Marie-Louise Almbjelke

The Cat's Senses and Behavior -
Matilda Eriksson

Animal Care Level 2 -
Realgymnasiet Sundsvall